Archives: September 2023

Four Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Man taking blood pressure reading with cuff on couch

There are several reasons why our blood pressure may be elevated. After all, our cardiovascular system responds to several physical and psychological inputs. For example, when you are embarrassed, excited, or nervous, your heart starts beating faster, you may get flushed, and your blood pressure may increase. It’s one of the most common reasons why blood pressure readings at your doctor’s office are almost certainly higher than when you are relaxing at home. Blood pressure is also affected by physical exertion. Your blood pressure will rise when you work out or perform physical activity. It can even temporarily increase when you use the sauna or steam room. In the case of exercise and sauna, blood pressure readings typically drop rapidly after the exertion is over and usually settle below baseline for a decidedly beneficial outcome.

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Cardio and Strength Training: What’s the Difference?

Close up of feet on treadmill at gym

Are you new to your fitness and weight loss journey? Don’t sweat it. Not many people know the actual benefits of cardio and strength training for their bodies and how they work together for optimal fitness. Similarly, where you put your focus can matter in the long run, depending on what goal you’re trying to achieve. Check out some differences below to see what works best for you and how to incorporate both into your daily routine.

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