The Importance of Smoking Cessation and Cardiovascular Health

Hand breaks cigarettes as patient quits smoking for their heart health

There is no doubt that smoking influences cardiovascular and overall health (negatively). This is not new, and research has proven this repeatedly. And while we invariably link smoking with lung cancer, COPD, and other medical concerns, few people realize how significantly it affects our heart. Smoking is a leading contributor to atherosclerosis or the narrowing […]

Obese and Malnourished, a Double Whammy to Your Heart’s Health

Obesity and malnutrition can coexist and have detrimental consequences for your health

It is no surprise that obesity is has reached epidemic portions in the United States. We consume more calories than we ever have in the past. Plus, the quality of what we eat has declined dramatically with the introduction of highly processed foods and the higher costs associated with fresh and organic produce. The result […]

Three Once-Maligned Foods That Are Good for Your Heart

Eggs were once believed to be unhealthy for the heart but we now know more about their health benefits and impact on heart health

When it comes to the healthfulness of certain foods, we often see flip-flopping in the scientific community. This is especially true for the three foods we will be discussing today. Of course, we must get proper nutrition, but it is also important to consider how we get it. The three foods we will discuss have […]

Is Cardio or Lifting Weights Better for My Heart?

Man exercises in a boxing gym considering the benefits of cardio versus weight training for heart health according to Nevada Cardiology

If you are reading this article, we first want to acknowledge that you have started or are looking to start exercising to improve your heart health. This, and of itself, is a huge step forward in reducing the risk of heart disease and a whole host of other considerations and concerns that may arise, both […]

My EKG Says Nothing, but I’m Sure There’s a Problem. What Do I Do?

EKG measures electrical signals in your heart, but may not catch all abnormalities or arrhythmias according the Nevada Cardiology

The EKG is an instrumental diagnostic test for patients regardless of whether they have concerns about their heart. EKGs have been instrumental in saving countless lives over the past several decades. To that end, you may have become used to an electrocardiogram or EKG at each of your annual checkups with your primary care physician […]

An Advanced Solution for Arrhythmia-Related Stroke Risk

Cardiologist from Nevada Cardiology hold watchman device for LAA into focus

Most patients who suffer from Atrial Fibrillation/Afib or other supraventricular tachycardia are surprised to know that it is not the arrhythmia itself that we are most concerned about but the significantly increased risk of stroke, heart attack, and long-term heart failure. Indeed, because arrhythmias reduce the pumping efficiency of the heart, blood can begin to […]

Does Supplementation Improve Your Heart Health?

Variety of supplements in a pillbox as cardiologists at Nevada Cardiology break down what supplements to consider for heart health

We are consistently inundated with advertising and information about improving our general health. It’s no wonder, therefore, that most patients are confused as to what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, the patient should recognize that changing anything related to their diet or exercise program should be supervised by a qualified medical professional to help […]

How Long Will My Pacemaker Last?

If you have started a conversation about a pacemaker with your cardiologist, you know that these implantable devices have never been more reliable than they are today. Traditional pacemakers, that include a pulse generator or battery along with leads to the heart and self-contained leadless pacemakers work tirelessly in millions of Americans 24/7.

The Link Between Cannabis and Heart Attacks

As cannabis products are legalized state-by-state, we have seen a significant rise in health issues associated with compounds that many once thought were relatively harmless – in fact, some proponents have touted cannabis as a miracle cure. However, a recent evaluation of CDC data1 has given credence to the concerns surrounding cannabis. After following younger […]

Three Effective Ways to Reduce Blood Pressure

Routine exercise is one of three tips that Nevada Cardiology offers to reduce and maintain a healthy blood pressure

High Blood pressure or hypertension is a leading risk factor of cardiovascular disease and, unfortunately, very common in modern-day society. A worsening of the obesity epidemic throughout the United States has made high blood pressure a fact of life for more of our patients, many of whom are experiencing it at even younger ages. Blood […]