There are two beta blockers approved for heart failure in the United States.

The first is metoprolol succinate (also called Toprol XL, Toprol, metoprolol ER or metoprolol ER succinate). This long-acting formulation should not be confused with short-acting metoprolol (metoprolol, metoprolol tartrate or Lopressor) which is NOT an approved drug for heart failure.

The second beta blocker approved for the treatment of heart failure is carvedilol (also called Coreg or Coreg CR).

Drugs that are NOT approved for heart failure include atenolol and Bystolic. These are approved to treat hypertension.

NOT APPROVED: metoprolol tartrate, Lopressor, atenolol, Bystolic

APPROVED: metoprolol succinate, Toprol XL, Toprol, metoprolol ER, metoprolol ER succinate, carvedilol, Coreg, Coreg CR